Feature film starring Tomas Norström and Kristof Kolberger. A co-production between AMP Polska, Poland; Arcadia Moving Pictures Ltd, Blue Sky Motion Pictures Ltd and Audley Films, – UK; and TVP (Poland’s premier TV broadcaster).

This modern Oedipal myth, a tale of voyeuristic sexual obsession, sees a middle-aged recluse reunite with a friend from his teenage years only to be shocked by modern day reality and horrified by the revelation that the porn star he becomes entangled with is his daughter. Selected for LA Polish Film Festival, Gdynia International Film Festival, Victoria New European Film Festival and Koszalin Film Festival.

86 min | 1.85:1| Dolby SR

Director: Edward Porembny
Written by: Andrew Hislop, Delphine Dewulf
D.O.P: Kamil Król
Set design: Bogusław Nobel-Nobielski
Costumes: Paulina Pokrzywa
Music: Stanisław Syrewicz
Sound design: Marek Bobowski
Makeup: Iza Wrońska
Editor: Ewa Smal
Production manager: Mariusz Ślosarczyk
Producer: Timothy Gummer, Edward Porembny
Coproducers: Jerzy Kapuściński, Andrzej Serdiukow
Cast: Pawel Burczyk, Krzysztof Kolberger, Maciej Kowalewski, Tomas Norström, Anna Powierza, Robert Wabich

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