To the Last Tree Standing

A creative documentary for the defence of the Białowieża primary forest situated in the Northern Europe.

Das Gespaltene Polen

A creative documentary about the state of Poland one year after the change of the government.

Danzig Goldene Stadt an der Ostsee

Documentary film about Gdańsk, one of the most interesting cities and its vibrant population of the northern Europe, situated on the Baltic Sea.

Madame Tyson

A film about the first woman in the world of Senegalese wrestling, the promoter of the fights and politician Ndeye Ndiaye Tyson and two young Senegalese men: Modou and Thiam.

Men for Hire

A creative documentary on ‘men for hire’ shot in Warsaw. A co-production between HBO and AMP Polska – Poland. First screened on HBO Poland in March 2009.


A docu-drama about Polish pornography. Selected for 41st International Krakow Film Festival.

Here I am

A creative documentary about that today we can make a baby in another that traditional way, but our society and law are not yet ready for it.

I am Kuba

A coming-of-age film, following the Polish boy Kuba (12) taking care of his little brother Mikołaj (8) after their parents are forced to leave them to work abroad.

Death Leap

A documentary about “Jumpers” from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Selected for the 15th Film Festival of Independent Cinema in San Francisco and Freaky Film Festival in Illinois.

Inheritance (Spadek)

Feature film starring Tomas Norström and Kristof Kolberger. A co-production between AMP Polska, Poland; Arcadia Moving Pictures Ltd, Blue Sky Motion Pictures Ltd and Audley Films, – UK; and TVP (Poland’s premier TV broadcaster).

Edward Porembny, AMP Polska

Edward Porembny is a founder of AMP Polska, a film production company based in Warsaw, Poland, focuses on quality and commercially viable European feature films and creative documentaries in co-production with other member states of the European Union using the world-renowned expertise of Polish crews.