Old & Crazy

Old & Crazy 1
Leipzig Hauptbahnhof Merian Lowres
Old & Crazy 3

Genre: mockumentary, length: 90 min

The background of our project, based on a true story, presents economic crisis and a growing population of older people, who do not have contact with their children focused on their own lives and work in corporations. The film crew is following a couple, Britta and Jan, who are about 80 years old and have been on the run for 4 months. The old couple explains what happened in their life. They lived in Cottbus but come from different backgrounds. Britta is German and Jan is Polish. They have lived together for the last 10 years since their children have gladly forgotten about parents and started to live only for themselves. Abandoned, the old couple simply run out of money for rent and food.  So, they decided to go to jail where at least they will have food and roof over their heads. To get caught they choose to pretend to rob the local post office. However, it doesn’t work out because they end up leaving the post office … with 1000 Euro. Now, they have a completely different plan.

Director: TBC
Writers: Maciej Kowalewski & Edward Porembny
Production company: AMP Polska
Producer: Edward Porembny
In collaboration with: TVP, RBB, Just Temptation, Gutek Film, Creative Media Programme

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