On Feb 2nd, 2017, AMP Polska submitted three new projects to Creative Europe Media Slate Founding program:

„Usedom”, historical drama, /dir. and script by Maciej Kowalewski/ is a film based on the real events. In December 1945 cut off by the winter island where already ruled the new Communist administration, it came to arrest and hunting on civilians in most of the old inhabitants of the island. The Commander of the Office of Security and his men became for a few months master of life and death on the island. The film is a journey into the dark side of human nature.

“Indigo” /dir. William Gagnadoux/ is a two part documentary series about the high hills tribes, minorities in the Southeast Asia, which can be found from the Himalayan foothills to the banks of the Mekong River. Those areas are full of mysteries and legends. Some of these tribes are fighting for they cultures and traditions, while others are inexorably joining modern society.

“The unknown front” /dir. Jakub Mielnik/ is an investigative documentary film about the stage of the Islamic terrorism in Central Europe.

Edward Porembny
Edward Porembny
Edward Porembny is a producer, director and writer, known for Here I Am (2011), Madame Tyson (2013) and To the Last Tree Standing (2017).
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